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Wi-Fi KS 2018

Panel Discussion: Rural WiFi: Unique challenges, technology choices, solution architecture and business models

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Connecting India with Next Gen Wi-Fi and the Carrier Wireless Services Certification

Paramjit Puri

Wireless Broadband Alliance

Exploiting BharatNet and WiFi for Secure Operations

Prof. Devendra Jalihal


Building Self-Deployable Community Wireless Network for Rural India

Senthil Kumar M.

Geomeo Informatics

A New Approach to Providing Abundant Bandwidth

Sridhar Mani


Designing Products for the Indian Market: Challenges and Solutions

Manish Gangey

Reliance Jio

Insights into Home WiFi Systems

Senthil Kumar Balasubramanian


Wi-Fi Integration in Evolution to 5G Networks

Satish K


HD WiFi: A Data-driven Study

Gagan Mittal


Location and Location based services

Jatin Parekh

Mojo Networks

802.11ax Challenges

Mani Krishnan Venkatachari


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WiFi Technology & Standards Update

Dr Srikant S

Nanocell Networks

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