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Wi-Fi KS 2023 Agenda

Wi-Fi State of the Union: Standards, Technology and Market
Dr Srikanth S (Nanocell Networks)
Ask the Expert
Susinder Rajan Gulasekaran (Author)
Wi-Fi Alliance Updates
Paramjit Puri (WFA)
Wi-Fi 6E: Lessons from the field
Asvin Kumar (Arista Networks)
Centralised QoS Management of High Throughput WiFi Networks using Overlay Time-Slicing
Prof. Anurag Kumar (IISc)
Multi-Gigabit Wireless Fabric for Smart Cities, Logistics, and Public Access
Prabhash Dhyani, Kiran Avva (Cambium Networks)
Are 802.11 Standards Solving Real-life Problems?
Panel Discussion - Dr Srikanth, Sudarsan Vasudevan (MaxLinear), Rajesh Sundaram (Broadcom), Jatin Parekh (Arista), Sitarama Penumetsa (Candela)
6GHz in India
Dr. Vinosh Babu James (Qualcomm)
Enabling Open Wi-Fi Business and Technology Playground using Blockchains
Prof. Himanshu Tyagi (IISc)
AI for Radio Resource Management
Laxmi Mukund (Cisco Systems)
Introduction to Nordic Semiconductor and nRF70 series Wi-Fi 6 devices
Bansidhar Mangalwedhekar (Nordic Semiconductor)
Ganesan Thiagarajan, Surendra Raju (Morse Micro)
Wi-Fi 7 Testing Challenges
Ramakrishna Ch S N V (Alethea)
Ben Toner (Numerous Networks)
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