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Wi-Fi KS 2024: May 16

Pre-Summit Training: May 15


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Wi-Fi Knowledge Summit is back!

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 edition of Wi-Fi Knowledge Summit will be held in Bengaluru on May 16, 2024. Just liker 2023 and the year before, we will have an exciting line-up of speakers, covering all the key topics relevant to the Wi-Fi industry. On May 15, we will have a day-long training on Wi-Fi 7 and beyond.

01: Wi-Fi 7 and Beyond

  • MLO: From standard to implementation

  • MLO: Expectations from the field

  • What can/should we expect from Wi-Fi 7? Perspectives from key stakeholders

02: New Frontiers in Wi-Fi 

  • IoT/Matter/HaLOW

  • AI/ML Implementations: examples from the field 

  • What can AI/ML realistically do for Wi-Fi ? 

03: New Industry Initatives

  • Open Roaming: Learnings from early deployments 

  • Home Wi-Fi: What's cooking?

  • 6GHz for Outdoor Deployments 

  • Disrupting the Wi-Fi Router Market with BharOS

04: Views from the Academia

  • Performance evaluation of Wi-Fi 7 features

  • Wi-Fi system-level modeling using NS-3 


Wi-Fi KS 2023: A Re-cap






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