Build a community of WiFi practitioners and enthusiasts
through knowledge and experience sharing.

Day 1: WiFi for Education

Day 2: WiFi for the Masses

Understand the current state of Campus WiFi in India and explore future directions

Proliferation of connectivity to enable the vision of Digital India

Campus WiFi: Use cases, requirements, technology choices, challenges WiFi in the 5G Era
Simplifying Campus Networking using Cloud WiFi Massively Scalable Architecture for Public WiFi
Experiences and Learnings from Campus WiFi Deployments Experiences from Public WiFi deployments in India
Campus WiFi as R&D and Application Development Platform WiFi for 4G Offload: Drivers and Technology Challenges
Applications of WiFi in the Classroom Unbundling the Public WiFi Value Chain
Panel discussion Smart City WiFi: Vision and Roadmap

WiFi ThinkFest

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